MGP Plus & Pure Usage Guide

This Tutorial page contains all the information to safely, reliably and accurately apply MGP Plus or MGP Pure to your Myco Grow.

Using DrMyc products is a simple and straight-forward process - but it is scienfitic. It is important that you follow instructions to achieve desired results. If these instructions are unclear, or you need clarifications, please email us at or call/text us at our customer service number at 1(616)420-4204.


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Mixing Instructions: MGP Plus or MGP Pure

Items Needed: MGP + or MGP Pure, Robust Sprayer Bottle, Gram Scale, Isopropyl Alcohol 70% , D.I. R.O. or other non-chlorinated water.

Step One: Sanitize your gram scale with ISO 70% alcohol - then weigh your MGP (use 0.5 grams of MGP or MGP Pure per 250 ml of non-chlorinated water). Once weighed out, add the formula and non-chlorinated water to a robust sprayer bottle and agitate to mix

Step Two: Once solution is mixed, agitate and apply according to instructions below. Store in refrigerator once mixed and discard when the mixture smells strongly microbial (expected lifespan of 2-3 weeks once mixed & when stored in refrigerator.

Application Instructions:

Step One: Spray twice inside of your grow tray, grow bag, or whatever surface your bulk substrate is contacting. Add your bulk substrate material to your tray or other grow surface - sterilized bulk substrate works best. Break up and add your colonized grain spawn. 1:1 Spawn:Sub ratios are advisable, but you may go as low as 1:4.

Step Two: Add your grain spawn on top of your bulk substrate material. Break up grain spawn into small uniform grains where possible. Proceed to spray MGP/MGP Plus solution to grain spawn directly, avoiding spraying the bulk substrate material. Apply 4 sprays per 5 lbs of bulk spawn/substrate material. This equates to approximately 5 ml per 5 lbs.

Step Three: Mix bulk substrate material and treated grain spawn together - do not layer. Case if necessary. Caution - spraying the casing layer may increase your chances of stroma overlay which delays fruiting and is not advised.

Step Four: Cover the spawn/substrate to minimize fresh air exchange. Place in your incubation chamber at your preferred temperature. Incubation temps of between 70-78 degrees F work best. Do not disturb substrate until day 5 - at this point, your substrate may be sufficiently colonized to send to fruiting conditions. If fully colonized, introduce F.A.E (fresh air exchange) to trigger fruiting.

Optional Step Five: You may reapply MGP Plus or Pure every 3-5 days if your genetics respond well to it. All genetics respond well to MGP Plus or Pure being added to the “dunk” between flushes. For the dunk, use 0.25 grams per monotub.