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Video Instuctions: How to Use MGP or MGP Plus


If you need additional guidance of how to use DRMyc products, feel free to email us at - or text/call us at our Customer Service Hotline - 1 (616)420-4204

Written Instructions for MGP, MGP + & JTT:

Using DRmyc products is a simple and straight-forward process, but it is important that instructions are followed for best results. If these instructions are unclear, or you need clarifications, please email us at or call/text us at our customer service number at 1(616)420-4204.

Mixing Instructions: MGP + or MGP Pure

Items Needed: MGP + or MGP Pure, Robust Sprayer Bottle, Gram Scale, Isopropyl Alcohol 70% , D.I. R.O. or other non-chlorinated water.

Step One: 
Sanitize scale with ISO 70% - add 0.5 grams of MGP or MGP Pure per 250 ml of water.  

Step Two: Add formula to your sprayer bottle, then add appropriate amount of non-clorinated water (ratio table on page two).

Step Three: Once solution is mixed, agitate and apply according to below instructions, and store in refrigerator. Reseal the dry formula pouch and store in cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Application Instructions:

Step One: Spray twice inside of the grow tray, grow bag, or whatever surface your bulk substrate is contacting.

Step Two: Add your bulk substrate material to your tray or other grow surface - sterilized bulk substrate works best. Break up and add your colonized grainspawn. 1:1 Spawn:Sub ratios are advisable, but you may go as low as 1:4.

Step Three: Add your grainspawn on top of your  bulk substrate material, and break up grainspawn into small pieces. Proceed to apply product to grainspawn directly, not bulk substrate material. Apply 4 sprays per 5 lbs of bulk spawn/substrate material. This equates to approximately 5 ml per 5 lbs.

Step Four: Mix your bulk substrate material with your treated grainspawn. Mix it all together, do not layer. You may spray the top layer of your substrate 2x once leveled/compacted.

Caution - spraying the casing layer may increase your chances of stroma overlay.

Step Five: Cover the substrate to minimize fresh air exchange. Place in your incubator at your preferred temperature. Incubation temps of between 75-78 degrees F work best. 

Step Six: Do not disturb your substrate until the 4th day. Forget it even exists.  At this point, MGP may have sped up colonization sufficiently to where you are ready to introduce F.A.E (fresh air exchange) - meaning you are ready put your fungi into F.C. (fruiting conditions). If your substrate appears ready for FAE and F.C. do not hesitate - as stroma/overlay may occur more rapidly with MGP.

Step Seven: For best results and for maximum resistance against contamination, reapply MGP Pure or MGP Plus every 3-5 days and/or use as a dunk additive between flushes. When used as a dunk additive, use approximately 0.25 g of formula per 10lbs of sub/spawn weight. When reapplying as a misting, mist the walls and ceiling of your monotub.

Just-the-Trich Usage Guide:

Before using JTT, establish whether you're trying to prevent Trichoderma or treat a particular spot that you suspect is contaminated. If you have trouble preventing Trichoderma incursions, we strongly recommend the following:

1- When mixing your substrate, mix in 5% gypsum or hydrated lime by dry substrate weight. This will create a more basic PH that is likely to harbor contamination.

2- In an area where recurrent Trichoderma is an issue, we recommend all grow areas utilize continuous HEPA filtration. Doing so will reduce airborne spore counts drastically.

3- If Trichoderma evidences itself early in your grow cycle (pre-introduction to fruiting conditions), you likely are working with contaminated grainspawn. To mitigate the risk of this happening in future, soak your grains for 24 hours in a solution containing 0.5 grams of Just-the-Trich before boiling. It is also recommended to always start from agar, as even the best multi-spore syringes may carry contamination.

Mixing Instructions:

Step One: Get a gram scale - if you have one already, great. You will need to utilize 0.5 grams of Just the Trich powder per 250ml of non-chlorinated water (or 2 grams per 1 L of non-Chlorinated water such as R.O., distilled, spring water or alkaline adjusted water). **See table for mixing ratios.

Step Two: Mix however much Just-the-Trich you feel you will use in the immediate future. For a size and dilution table, see below. Agitate the bottle so the solution is equally disbursed before application.