DRMyc "Super Grains" - Triple Washed, Organic, non-GMO Grains w Upgrades

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"Super Grains" By DRMyc™

Organic - Upgraded by Cutting Edge Soil Science

Our Organically sourced Rye Berries are further enhanced by a variety of ingredients proven to increase mycelial colonization rates. All ingredients are sourced by studying nature's mechanisms evolved in the Rhizosphere - which includes microbes, naturally occurring humus, carbohydrate sources (root exudates) and organic biochar.

Our "Super Grains" are Organic & Non-GMO

Using DRMyc™ organically sourced, non-GMO Super Grains, you will grow more mushrooms, faster - with less contams - and this is thanks to DRMyc leveraging cutting edge soil science, and bringing it to you to up your mycology game. No more guessing what to add to your grain to get the best results - we have it all worked out for you. Simply soak your Super Grains for 12-24 hours, boil & PC for game changing results in your jars and bags. Faster colonization and less contamination rates are guaranteed or get your money back!

Nature Knows Ingredients are Important

Super Grains include the Following Upgrades
  • Humic Acid - as a source of naturally occurring humus 
  • Carbohydrates - as a replacement for naturally occurring root exudates found in the Rhizosphere
  • MGP Microbes - bacteria proven to drastically increase colonization rates, yields & reduce contams
  • Organic Biochar - as a rich natural carbon source in a form easily absorbed by microbes