"Platemate High Contrast Agar" Premix- makes 100-125 plates. For wood & dung loving Mushrooms.

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To make our "Platemate High Contrast Agar," we first spent 12 months attempting to source the worlds best agar, testing out Agar from dozens of suppliers in Europe and Asia. Once we found an agar supplier with a quality of Agarose that matched the big lab companies such as Sigma Aldrich in quality (1000 gm/cm2, high nutrient holding capacity, low ash - a "400 quality level") we then worked on our additives to optimize the blend for wood loving and dung loving mushrooms.

Our Agar contains a variety of niche additives, including hardwood activated charcoal, multiple sources of carbohydrates that replecate the composition of common grains (including Rye, Wheat, Millet & Popcorn), and a percentage of Agar that gives you a unparalleled film strength for easier working with. 

Our Agar product not only offers fantastic film streigth, it also equips your cultures with the enzymatic adaptations to thrive once put to grain, alloing for a variety of carbohydrates and protiens to be broken down effectively with a decreased period of time for necessary enzymatic adjustments. 

Each bag makes 100 plates comfortably; or if you're feeling frisky you can stretch it out to 125 plates. Make sure to pour below 50F in a SAB or Flow Hood. Due to the composition of the product, a stir bar or marble is necessary to homogenize the agar once sterilized for best results.

Mush love,

Doc (John)

P.s. higher science = higher yields.